Eric Harron: Aggressive Criminal Defense, DWI, & Personal Injury Attorney

When it comes to facing a DWI or criminal charge, or dealing with aftermath of a wrongful injury, finding a skilled, aggressive attorney to fight your case is the most important thing you can do. Austin, TX attorney Eric Harron has experience in DWI, criminal defense, and personal injury cases, fighting to help his clients get the best outcomes possible for their cases.

Representing his clients in criminal defense cases, Eric Harron has won numerous ‘not guilty’ and ‘case dismissed’ verdicts. For clients charged with a DWI, he has been successful in reducing or even expunging the charge entirely. He is also a great personal injury lawyer in Austin, TX., ensuring that his clients can get the treatment and compensation they deserve.

If you or a loved one are facing a tough legal case, you can have confidence knowing that Eric Harron and his team will work tirelessly to fight for the outcome you deserve.

Eric Harron is passionate about every case he takes. Here is a video describing his defense of DWI charges:

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