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Do you live in San Antonio or greater Bexar County, Texas and need advice from a criminal defense or DWI attorney? Herron Law has an excellent reputation and will believe in you and your case. Eric Herron is very experienced and has a long track record of getting his clients’ charges reduced, dismissed, or even expunged.

For any criminal charge from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies, you can trust Herron Law to be on your side and fight for your rights to a fair trial with a favorable outcome.

Eric Herron has aggressively and successfully represented clients presented with the following charges:



Eric Herron is also accomplished at winning expunction cases, giving his clients a clear record so they can live their life free of stigma and setbacks.

Herron Law’s criminal defense in Bexar County has brought fantastic results and pushes Eric to continue fighting for the accused. Whatever your situation, he will be in your corner using his expertise and experience in local Bexar County law to defend your rights. He will help you understand your charges and possible punishments you are facing, along with your rights and possible defenses.

Seemingly straightforward misdemeanor cases can be surprisingly complicated and problematic if they are not handled correctly. With Eric, even tough cases are represented with utmost professionalism and priority. No matter your charge or the specific details of your case, you can rest with confidence knowing you will get the best possible outcome.

It’s unwise to try and navigate the complicated Texas legal system alone. For desirable results, hire a lawyer and save yourself and your family the undue hardship that can come with a criminal record.

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