One area of the law not many people are familiar with is expungement. Expungement is the process through which a person’s criminal record is permanently removed. There may be many situations where a person may require the expertise of an expungement attorney. Below are five such examples.

1. Your Career Prospects Are Limited

Having a criminal record can seriously hamper a person’s career. Virtually all employers run criminal background checks. If you have been convicted of a serious crime, chances are you will never be hired. If you are hired, the discovery of your record may be used as an excuse to terminate you to cut costs. You will also be unlikely to ever be promoted or obtain positions beyond minimum wage.

2. You’re Not Able to Advance Your Education

Being able to make a living in the modern world requires obtaining a college education. Unfortunately, with a criminal record, you are likely to be blocked for admission into many colleges and universities. This may even be the case for technical schools that train students on how to work in industrial settings. To get accepted, you may need to have your criminal record expunged.

3. You’re Not Able to Obtain a Professional License

Many quality careers require a professional license. This includes nurses, real estate brokers, accountants and more. To obtain a professional license, a person has to do more than pass tests. They also have to pass a background check. It is unlikely people with criminal records will be approved.

4. You’re Not Able to Vote

Convicted felons lose many of their civil rights including the ability to vote and hold elected office. If politics is important to you, you will need to have your criminal record expunged. Otherwise, you will never be allowed to express your preferences in elections or any other part of the political sphere.

5. Your Reputation Is Ruined

Above all else, being a convicted criminal can destroy your reputation with family members, friends and the public at large. If you want to recover your reputation as well as your personal dignity, you need to have your criminal record expunged. Otherwise, you will always be questioned and looked down upon for it.

There are many reasons why a criminal record could possibly be expunged. In most states, the law allows for this possibility under certain circumstances. If you believe your criminal record is impeding your life, certainly contact an expungement attorney to discuss your options.