Experiencing a home burglary is a traumatizing event. You might feel violated and afraid, and it’s difficult to know what to do next. However, here are seven things you can do immediately in order to get your home, your family, and yourself back on track and living happily in your home again.

1. Don’t Touch Anything and Leave the Scene

When you first arrive home to find out there has been a break-in, back out of the house slowly without touching a thing. You don’t want to get hurt, disturb evidence, or—heaven forbid—interrupt a criminal in the act. Relocate to a safe place, such as a neighbor’s house.

2. Take Care of Your Kids and Pets

Make sure you know where your kids are, and, if possible, make arrangements for them to stay at a friend’s or family member’s home temporarily. This will allow you to turn your time and energy to your home.

3. Call 911 and File a Report

As soon as you know everyone is safe, call the police. When they arrive, they will help you file a victim’s report. This is necessary for filing an insurance claim and also helps in the retrieval of your belongings. Take pictures and make a detailed list of everything that was taken and the approximate value of each.

4. Call Your Insurance Company

There is a good chance you’ll be able to be reimbursed for what was stolen and for the cost to repair any damages to your home. Call your insurance company and file your claim.

5. Clean Up and Make Repairs

Clean up and fix anything that’s been strewn about, vandalized, or broken. You can choose to do this yourself, enlist your friends and family, or call a professional to take care of this burden for you.

6. Consider Future Security Measures

You may feel much safer in your home if you install at least some basic home security features. This can be as simple as putting deadbolts on the doors or installing a few security cameras. For ultimate peace of mind, you can have a complete home security system professionally installed.  

7. Take Care of Your Emotional Health

The stolen goods and the complete disregard shown to your home and family during a burglary may result in shock, fear, anger, and sadness. You will be dealing with each of these emotions on a seemingly unending cycle for at least the immediate future, if not longer. Be sure to lean on others for support and don’t be afraid to visit with a professional who can help you overcome your trauma.


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