Drinking during the holidays is nothing new, nor is driving during the holidays. Combining the two creates deadly results, and so year after year there is a spike in alcohol-related traffic deaths from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day. Police are especially vigilant during the holidays, and your chances of being arrested for DWI are higher than at other times of the year if you drink and drive. Follow these tips to avoid holiday drunk driving:

No More Holiday Drunk Driving

    1. Don’t drink and drive: This may sound obvious, but even one drink can impair your driving, and if you have an accident with alcohol in your system you could be charged with DWI even if your blood alcohol content is below the legal limit. And if you have a personal breathalyzer, keep in mind that it may not be accurate.
    2. Don’t drink: There’s a lot of pressure to drink during the holidays, especially if you’re at a party where everyone’s got a glass in hand. If you want something more than ginger ale, try one of these holiday mocktails. Take it a step further and be a designated driver.
  • Serve non-alcoholic drinks: Think of how much drinking is social and sensual. The sense of taste is not the only sense. If you like the look of olives or cherries in a glass or a twist of orange or lemon peel, try these non-alcoholic versions of holiday classics.
  1. Eat and be merry: Eat plenty of food to delay the absorption of alcohol into your system. Drink plenty of water, too, in order to keep hydrated. A common practice is to drink a glass of water for each drink and to only drink one drink per hour, but not everyone’s body absorbs and eliminates the alcohol in a drink within an hour, so don’t count on either technique to keep you sober.
  2. Designate a driver: Designate someone as a driver who won’t drink at all during the evening, and when it’s your turn to be the designated driver, follow that same practice.
  3. Hail a ride: Take a cab or use a ride-sharing service, even if you live close (less than a mile). It will cost a lot less than a DWI. You can also try public transportation.
  4. Stay in a hotel or with a friend: Ask your host or a friend if you can stay over or go to a hotel, both of which are safer than driving drunk, and cheaper than a holiday DWI.
  5. Stay out of your car: You may want to take a nap in your car and sleep the alcohol off, but in many states, if you have a car under your control you can be arrested for DWI, even if you’re not driving.

Get Legal Help for a Holiday DWI

If you end up with a holiday DWI even after reviewing all of our holiday drinking and driving safety tips, don’t face the consequences alone. A DWI is a serious matter, so you need experienced legal representation, someone who knows the laws and the defenses. Call the Law Office of Eric Harron today!