Whenever you are on the road driving, there are always people who could attempt to scam you or possibly perpetrate fraud. This is common whenever an accident occurs and the other party blames you for causing the accident. As a measure of beating the scammers and fraudsters in their own game, you should think about getting a dashboard camera (dash cam) which could exonerate you in case of a lawsuit or an insurance claim.

Why are Dash Cams Becoming Increasingly Popular?

Dash cams have become popular in various other countries apart from Russia and Asian cities due to their benefits. A dash cam offers a personal record of any event that transpired and driving habits. Most motorists have installed dash cams to avoid being unfairly blamed for causing accidents. Being at fault in an accident will spell doom for any professional driver due to income loss and liability. This fueled the installation of video cameras to help establish facts in traffic accidents and ordinary drivers are quickly following suit. Dash cams usually record the driver’s view through their windshield to capture all that goes on during any trip.

Benefits of Dash Cams in Lawsuits

According to the accounts of many legal individuals who have worked with insurance companies, it is evident that most of them are fond of ‘fault shaving’ to a great extent. Insurance companies will assert that their client is 90% at-fault even in the clearest of liability claims. Dash cams will prove helpful in such situations by preventing frivolous liability defenses. Insurance companies employ a number of ploys to redirect liability from their client’s part in order to save some cash. A video footage can be useful in refuting these ploys.

Apart from documenting all the mechanics of a car crash, a dash cam also helps in proving the severity of a given crash. Some models have accelerometers that are capable of measuring the force resulting from an impact. This will help in getting a reasonable settlement from an insurance company after proving the severity of an impact to the jury. In case of a speed ticket, it is possible to contest it if it was given for a violation you did not commit. The dash cam footage can be used in court to back your claim. This will help you avoid getting points on your driving record and keep the car insurance rates lower. You will escape paying a huge surcharge to your insurance provider for collecting more points.

Getting a dash cam is a brilliant idea in case of accidents and lawsuits as the footage is admissible in court. Car accident lawyers will assist you in getting the compensation you deserve when you are an accident victim. If you have any questions on the above, you can contact our lawyer.