According to the report “Dangerous By Design 2014.” the Dallas-Fort Worth-Arlington, Texas area ranks #12 on the list of most dangerous large metropolitan areas for pedestrians. The Houston-Sugar Land-Baytown area ranked #7. Furthermore, Texas ranked #10 on the list of most dangerous states for pedestrians in this report that was compiled by the National Complete Streets Coalition and several other organizations.

Behavior That’s Hazardous

According to Houston’s Municipal Transportation Agency, the most common maneuvers drivers execute that lead to pedestrian injuries are making a left turn, making a right turn, backing up or making a U-turn. Other behaviors that cause accidents are eating, applying makeup, using cell phones, programming GPS devices, talking to passengers and reading maps and other materials.

Other distracting behaviors include watching videos and adjusting radios, CD and MP3 players. On the pedestrians’ part, actions that lead to accidents include talking on cell phones, ignoring traffic signs, failing to walk in crosswalks, darting in front of cars and waking while under the influence.

Pedestrian Injuries

The above-mentioned report was critical of the fact that the federal government keeps good statistics on fatalities but not on pedestrian injuries. Whiplash is a common injury. According to some reports, including “Pedestrian Vehicle Accidents” by Dr. Nic Sparrow, other potentially serious injuries are to the head, chest, abdomen and the lower extremities such as the pelvis and the legs.

Actions for the Injured to Take

Injured pedestrians may be entitled to compensation. Injured people may seek lost wages, payment of medical bills and money damages for pain and suffering. It is helpful to consult a personal injury lawyer because the party responsible for their accident is not always clear. The driver of the motor vehicle and the pedestrian may share some responsibility. Additionally, the party responsible for maintaining the sidewalk, roads or parking lot may also share some responsibility for the traffic accident.

Since everyone is a pedestrian at one time or another, we should all want to take measures to cut pedestrian accidents to save lives and reduce injury. We should also care about liability because the victim loses wages and/or may suffer a permanent injury or death. Drivers involved in these accidents may be subject to legal action, which can be costly to their insurance companies and to them in time, lost wages and a damaged reputation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our experienced pedestrian accident attorney for a free consultation.