Being bitten by a dog is a very traumatic event. Not only is there a huge potential for injury, infection, and other physical damage, it is also a very frightening experience. Many people develop a fear of animals after an incident involving being attacked by a dog. Regardless of the severity of the bite and the circumstances of the attack, anyone who has been bitten by a dog is entitled to collect damages from the dog’s owner.

Medical Bills and Other Losses

Dog bites are often expensive. No one should be responsible for these bills when they occur as a result of a poorly-behaved animal. People who have been bitten by a dog are entitled to have their medical bills and lost income reimbursed in full. In addition, these people can receive reimbursement for property damage if any occurred. This can include torn clothing and other miscellaneous damages. Last, many people who are bitten by a dog go through a great deal of pain and suffering. They deserve to be reimbursed for this suffering.

Punitive Damages, Multiple Damages, and Negligence

In addition to the above damages, there are times when people are entitled to an even larger judgment due to the circumstances of the bite. In some jurisdictions, people can be granted judgments that are two or three times the amount of their damages if the dog has bitten before or been labeled dangerous by authorities. Owners should keep dangerous dogs away from people they can harm, and pay additional money if they fail to do this.

In addition, if the owner failed to adequately control their pet or otherwise failed to prevent the bite, many bite victims can get punitive damages. These damages are not intended to reimburse the victim but rather to punish a negligent owner in hopes that they then begin exercising better judgment.

If you have been bitten by a dog, you are entitled to be reimbursed for all expenses. In many cases, you can receive a judgment for even more than your own costs. Talk to Eric Harron, a dog bite attorney, today if you have been bitten and need help.