Though holidays are deemed as the most amazing time of the year, some of these seasons, such as the winter season, come with a lot of anxiety and loneliness which may negatively impact a dependent drinker struggling with recovery. As the holiday season approaches, alcohol consumption goes up and so does drinking sprees and drunk driving.

Dangers and Damage of Drunk Driving

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, at least, 300 Americans die every year in the few days surrounding the Christmas and New Year holidays. Again, an average of 27 people lose their lives each day in December due to drunk-driving related wrecks. Furthermore, more than 10,000 people die on U.S. roads annually due to drunk driving. Other than losing lives, driving drunk can land you a series of fines and extremely expensive lawsuits.

The summer break for most students, which is the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day, has been tagged “The 100 Deadliest Days” for teen drivers on the U.S. highways. Statistics indicates that this is the period when the teens are at the peak of partying, alcohol and drunk driving.

Why Do People Choose To Drink?

Family pressure and loneliness play a role in encouraging bad drinking habits. Although it seems easy, avoiding family events and parties to stay sober is a difficult choice to make. Our social customs also play a big role in encouraging drinking. At times, most of the holiday gifts you receive from friends are bottles of alcohol. Don’t be shocked to witness how liquor stores are stocked to the brim with appealing gift sets as December sets in. For the individuals who don’t drink, you have so much trouble trying to stay sober as people are always encouraged to ‘fit in’. For those who drink and attend parties alone, they have no other choice but to drive themselves home.

How to Stay Sober

You can remain sober by taking several measures.

• Attending 12-step meetings helps in your recovery
• Volunteer for an organization as this will help engross you from negative habits and thoughts.
• You may find it helpful to stay at a friend or relative’s place so that you are not alone.
• Working extra hours at your job, or beginning a project that you have always planned to start is greatly advised.

If you plan on going for a drink or a party, always appoint a designated driver. Alternatively, carry extra cash for a cab. Find better positive things to do regardless of the form they take. Remember that dropping a habit leaves a void, therefore, replace it with something that builds you.