If you have been injured in an accident, you no doubt want a fair settlement. It can be a frustrating and daunting process, but if done right, you can ensure your settlement amount will be in line with the injuries you’ve sustained.

Obtain Medical Documentation

When you hire your attorney, you will want to provide him with the most accurate and up-to-date medical documents you can. The medical documents will help establish a few things. First, it will provide proof that you sought medical treatment immediately after the accident, Second, it will document the severity (or in some cases, the non-severity) of the injury and what the doctor prescribes as treatment.

Your attorney will need to prove to the insurance company that your injury was the result of the accident in question, so accurate and detailed records are an absolute must.

Seek Eye Witness Statements

As soon as you can, you need to seek the assistance of any credible eye witnesses to the accident. Whether it was someone directly involved in the accident, or someone who was standing nearby who witnessed the incident, the statements provided by these witnesses can make or break your case. Your attorney will work with the witnesses to ensure their story is accurate and not fabricated, as some eyewitness may not be so willing to tell the truth.

Accident Report

Another piece of helpful information will be the accident report. Whether it’s a report written up by law enforcement responding to the accident, or a work accident report written by a supervisor for a work accident, this document holds crucial information about the accident. Whether it’s the road conditions and position of the vehicles involved in a car accident, or it’s information about a piece of faulty equipment during a construction accident, it’s imperative that you or your attorney obtain copies of these reports.

Document Damages

The damages you need to have documentation on including the cost of your medical treatment, the pain and suffering you’ve endured as the result of your injuries, the cost of fixing your vehicle, the lost income as a result of time off, and anything other damages sustained. Keep a good record of all expenses paid. Your attorney will ask for written documentation from your employer to verify the lost wages.

Hire An Experienced Attorney

The best thing you can do for your case is to retain an experienced personal injury attorney, who will work tirelessly to ensure success in your personal injury claim. Your attorney knows the personal injury law and he knows how to go about ensuring clients are properly compensated for their injuries.