Cyber extortion is a new and growing trend in today’s society with the rise of technology. It is important that people know how to recognize potential threats and how to protect themselves. Harron Law has some of the best extortion lawyers in Austin who are here to help. Learn what to do and how to prosecute someone trying to harm you!

Extortion is when someone threatens to cause harm in some way and demands money in exchange. Cyber extortion can take place through phone calls, text messages, emails, or many other ways. Use these tips to protect and defend yourself against cyber extortion.

Computer Security

Cyber extortion starts with your computer and devices. It is important that the security measures on your computer are up to date to prevent viruses and hacking. Avoiding opening emails from unknown senders or clicking on suspicious links as they may contain viruses or threats. Make sure your passwords and Wi-fi networks are secure and protected against hackers looking to obtain personal information for extortion reasons.

Be Informed

If a threat arises, your knowledge of current threats and reactions to the threat will determine how far it goes. Staying informed of cyber threats and scams that other people are experiencing will help you know if you are being scammed by a similar threat. If someone calls or sends a message demanding money to avoid a consequence, don’t be too quick to pay up, instead investigate the situation for yourself to determine its legitimacy.

Contact the Police

If you are the victim of cyber extortion, contact the police. The police will be able to trace and locate the threat and prosecute the responsible party. Cyber extortion leaves a digital paper trail, allowing you to access evidence of the crime. It is also helpful that you trace the threat yourself through taking screenshots and saving the information and data on another uncompromised device.

Cyber extortion is a serious and growing issue, and Harron Law can help if you have been victimized. Contact an extortion lawyer in Austin today and learn how we can help you prosecute those who have scammed you.