Are you wondering if your license is suspended? There are many reasons you might be dealing with this situation, such as driving while intoxicated or driving while license invalid. You might also have your license suspended for reckless driving or other drug offenses.

And while you might understand that your license is suspended after a particular arrest or incident, there might be other reasons your license was suspended that you may not realize.

These situations include:

  • Fleeing from the scene of an accident
  • Getting too many points on your driving record
  • Paying a citation for driving while license invalid
  • Not having car insurance or paying a citation for failure to maintain financial responsibility
  • Failing to appear in court after getting a ticket
  • Failing to pay a fee or fine related to your vehicle
  • Not complying with child support orders
  • Truancy

Losing Driving Privileges in Texas 

Losing driving privileges can put an individual at a severe disadvantage regarding daily functions. Practically everyone who is employed needs their driver’s license to earn an income. Those who drive to school may face a similar problem.

Of course, the loss of driving privileges is also a form of punishment that is intended to produce just such difficulties, Prosecutors are serious about keeping illegal drivers off of the road. This is especially true for individuals who have been convicted of driving while intoxicated, which is the primary reason driving privileges are suspended in many states like Texas.

Prosecutors do not like seeing those on suspension back in court for failure to observe the suspension. This makes any charge for driving while license invalid a serious issue across the state.

Can I Get An Occupational License?

The short answer is likely yes! Under most circumstances, we are able to obtain a way for those with a suspended license to drive legally. Sometimes occupational licenses are restricted by counties or hours during the day you can drive. Other times, they may require an ignition interlock to detect for alcohol consumption. Depending on the circumstances, we can almost always get someone back on the road legally who has a suspended license or an invalid license.

Always Know Your License Status

It is a good practice to routinely check your license status if you think you may be subject to a suspension. It is not a great feeling to learn of a suspension from an officer at the time of a traffic stop. Depending on the type of suspension, driving while license invalid can get you arrested.

How to Check Your License Status

There are many ways you can check the status of your license. One of the fastest methods is to visit the official state website for status reports and reinstatement fees.

Here are a few other ways you can find out if your license is suspended.

1. Call Texas DPS

You can check the status of your license by calling the Texas Department of Public Safety and asking to speak with an employee there. However, they do have very long hold times.

You’ll need to provide certain information so they can check the status, including:

  • License number
  • Name
  • Birthday
  • Other identifying information

2. Visit a DPS office

If you’re not able to get through to an agent over the phone, you can also visit DPS in person to check the status of your suspended license. Cut down on wait times by setting an appointment online in advance.

3. Order Your Driving Record

Want to know other information about your driving record? Get your license status and find out other details like suspensions, ticket history, and points on your license by ordering your driving record. You can do this by mail or online with Texas DPS here.

4. Check Your Mail

You don’t always have to go to a lot of effort to find out if your license is suspended. Texas DPS will often make you aware of the suspension by sending a notification in the mail. If you suspect your license has been suspended, keep your address current with DPS and look out for a notice in your mail.

Defending a Charge

It is important to remember that a citation for driving while license invalid or operating on a suspended license are both very serious charges. Often times a citation given by an officer is actually an arrest where you have to turn yourself in later for a booking. This is what is known as a “cite and release”. If you fail to properly handle these citations, it can lead to additional charges such as bond jumping or failure to appear. 

The charge is classed as a misdemeanor, but the level of a misdemeanor can increase based on case factors or prior driving history. The impact of jail time, fines, and extended periods of suspended driving privileges can have a profound effect on the life of the defendant.

Driving privileges can also be suspended for non-traffic related convictions such as possession of marijuana. So, understanding a driver’s license suspension could be the outcome of certain other charges is very important as well.

Get Help From The Law Office of Eric Harron

Driving without a valid license is not just another ticket. It is a serious criminal charge that is prosecuted strictly in certain situations. Case evidence can matter. For this reason, having an experienced criminal defense attorney who ensures your evidence is heard can be a significant advantage for a positive outcome following a citation. Defending a suspended license charge or driving while license invalid charge can be an investment in your future.

If you’ve been accused of driving with an invalid license, been charged with a DWI, or need help with a suspended license for any reason, contact The Law Office of Eric Harron today. Eric Harron has years of experience helping those with suspended licenses, and he’ll use his knowledge to try to restore your right to get behind the wheel. Don’t wait to schedule your free consultation.