Countless trucks rumble down the roads and highways of the United States on a daily basis, transporting a variety of goods and, in the process, creating a variety of threats to other motorists, to bicyclists and even to pedestrians. The victims of truck accidents and their families will probably require financial assistance to compensate for their personal losses, but they need to know certain things before taking legal action. Here are three myths surrounding truck accident claims, and a proper understanding of them can help in achieving a successful claim.

Myth #1 – Successful Settlements are Rare

Large trucking concerns and their drivers have insurance companies that will go to great lengths to defend their clients. They may attempt to place at least some of the responsibility for the accident on the victim in order to reduce the settlement or to completely avoid a payment. However, an experienced truck accident attorney who understands the law and the industry itself can still have great success in securing a settlement.

Often employing professionals in the field, an attorney will study the maintenance records of the truck, the background of the driver, loading schedules and other information in order to get to facts of an accident. There is nothing that neutralizes misinformation more than factual evidence.

Myth #2 – Expect a Prolonged Case

Although truck accident claims can stretch out for years, most are settled in a much shorter time. Significantly, most cases are settled before they go to court in order to avoid the cost of a civil trial. The victim may thus receive a sizable settlement even without the help of a jury.

In the event that the case does go to trial, the attorney will end up doing most of the work. This will relieve the victim from having to spend much time in the courtroom, which can be beneficial to anyone injured in an accident.

Myth #3 – An Attorney is Not Necessary

Trucking companies and their insurance providers are profit-driven entities who will use established laws and the workings of the court system to protect themselves. An individual who lacks this knowledge can easily be overwhelmed in any civil proceeding. The victim may end up with a settlement that does not adequately cover the expenses related to the accident or with nothing at all.

The victims of truck accidents require proper legal representation to ensure the justice to which they are entitled. This is why victims need to abandon the myths about truck accident claims and seek the kind of help that is only available from a personal injury attorney.