News reports are always full of semi trucking accidents. Such accidents occur more than 500,000 per year, according to statistics from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. This information is quite alarming since commercial drivers are supposed to have a reputation for being safe. The following are the top causes of semi truck accidents in Texas:

1. Fatigue

Some semi-truck accidents occur because of driver fatigue. Drivers sometimes travel for more than 15 hours a day without getting any sleep. Most new trucking companies advise their drivers that doing so is dangerous. They advise the drivers to stop driving and pull into a rest area after a certain number of hours on the road.

2. Inclement Weather

Poor weather is another common reason for trucking accidents. Rain, sleet, ice and snow can cause a truck driver to lose control. The cars in the surrounding area can become severely crushed because of the semi truck’s weight. The drivers have no control over when inclement weather will strike. However, everyone is supposed to take steps to prevent an upcoming collision if possible.

3. Intoxicant and Impatience

A small number of drivers get into accidents in their semi trucks because of intoxication. Drinking and operating a truck is forbidden, but that does not mean that some truck drivers do not try their luck anyway. The law deals with such individuals harshly because of the danger that they place on other people who are sharing the roads. Alcohol and illegal substances can cause a driver to make extremely poor decisions.

4. Driver Mishaps

Some semi truck accidents occur because drivers make the conscious choice not to obey the traffic rules. They may engage in speeding, light running, improper passing or a similar violation. Drivers that cause such incidents are subject to personal injury lawsuits.

5. Manufacturing Defects

Manufacturing defects cause many of the accidents that occur with semi trucks. Manufacturing defects are problems that arise during product development. They include issues such as braking problems, bad tires, poor steering mechanisms, coupling devices, axles, headlights and more. A manufacturer that poorly constructs a semi truck or fails to recall one that has an issue can be held liable for personal injury.

Preventing Accidents With Semi Trucks

Drivers should always ensure that they are well rested before they take a trip of any kind. They should listen to their bodies and rest when they start to feel exhausted. Truck drivers should also inspect the vehicle thoroughly before each ride and be certain not to disobey any of the traffic regulations. Furthermore, truck drivers should ensure that they have enough clearance between vehicles to stop the truck in an emergency. Car drivers can avoid accidents with trucks by steering clear of them and changing lanes if necessary.

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