Technology can be a great tool in so many ways. With work, shopping, connecting with friends, and so much more, technology and the internet can do so many amazing things. However, where some people see an opportunity for fun and productivity, some see criminal enterprises. In a world where everyone does everything online, cyber extortion is a growing problem.

What is Cyber Extortion?

Extortion is when someone threatens violence or harm in exchange for money. There are many different types of cyber extortion. Cyber extortion can take place through email, phone calls, texts, viruses, and hacking. The biggest targets for cyber extortion are large business that have a lot of data to steal and a lot of money to pay.

How to Protect Yourself

There are many things your business can do to prevent cyber extortion. First, you need to protect important data. It is important that you understand exactly what data you have that could be a target and how you are managing it. Back up all data so that you can recover it if needed. Implement data breach prevention and detection tools and monitor them regularly so that if a breach does occur, you can react quickly.  

Next, you need to develop a recovery plan of what to do in case your company is attacked. Have recovery procedures in place and make sure everyone is aware of and familiar with their role in the plan. Test your recovery plan frequently to avoid mistakes and downtime.

Another important step in protecting your business against cyber extortion is the employees. Run background checks on all employees to make sure they are not a risk for cyber extortion. Train employees on how to handle and manage important data. Also, make sure they know what to look for potential threats so that they can help prevent an attack.

What to Do If You Are Attacked

If you are the victim of cyber extortion or ever get charged with it, you need an extortion lawyer in Austin on your side. Harron Law has extortion attorneys that can answer your questions and help you and your business. Contact Harron Law to learn more about this growing issue and how they can protect and save your business from a threat.