Involvement in a hit-and-run incident is frightening. You may have immediately experienced physical trauma, and you can feel alone, especially if no one else was in the car with you. Trying to remain as calm as possible is important as is taking several other steps.

Call 911

Immediately reporting the incident to emergency services is imperative. Once you make the phone call and provide details about the vehicle that hit you, police vehicles can begin to search for you. Also, emergency response professionals can arrive at the scene as quickly as possible, ensuring that you receive the necessary assistance. You may feel reluctant to go to the hospital, especially if you do not have any visible injuries. Keep in mind that you could be experiencing internal bleeding, so a visit to the hospital is wise.

Recall Details

Although you may feel shaken, trying to recall as many details as possible is important. Even if you remember vaguely the shade of the car and a few letters on this license plate, this information can help the police to find the person who hit you. If paper and a pen are available to you, take the time to jot down notes. You may even have the ability to take a picture before the car fully flees the scene. The more details you can jot down now, the more smoothly the process can run later. You may find that you forget details as time goes on.

Speak with a Lawyer

Speaking with a hit-and-run defense lawyer is a smart decision so that you can find out what options are available to you. For example, you may have concerns about how you will pay for your medical expenses, or you may want to know what your options are in the event that the driver is caught. Defining your goals is easier when you are working with someone who has knowledge in the field. When you schedule the appointment, find out what type of documentation you should bring with you.

Knowing what to do in this frightening situation is difficult. The idea is if you plan in advance, then you can have a better sense of the steps to take if this issue does come into fruition. Contact the law offices of Eric Harron in the Austin, TX area today to discuss your individual legal case and what we can do to help you.