If you are ever charged with or under investigation for committing a crime in Austin, Texas, it can be a confusing and scary time. You may feel alone and like you don’t have a chance to make your case. You also might wonder if and when to involve a lawyer. The answer is right now!

You have the right to a criminal defense lawyer, and calling one sooner rather than later can have a big impact on the outcome of your investigation. Meeting with a criminal defense lawyer in Austin can help you through the process, even if charges haven’t yet been filed. There are several reasons why you should call a criminal defense lawyer immediately if you suspect the possibility of charges. Check out the following:

1. You need experienced help during police interrogation.

You should never have to face being questioned by police alone. A skilled defense lawyer has experience in dealing with police interrogation tactics and can assist you before and during the questioning. Your lawyer will help you avoid getting tricked and know which questions to refuse to answer.

The police are well trained in interrogation and are not required to remind you of the right to remain silent unless you are in custody. Anything you say can hurt you later. Having a lawyer present during this process will protect you and help you avoid implicating yourself or harming your case. As soon as police ask to question you, no matter how friendly or casual it seems, don’t go alone—call a defense lawyer right away.

2. You need help navigating the process.

The legal process of being charged with a crime can be long and confusing. There’s no need to figure out everything on your own or be surprised: your criminal defense lawyer in Austin will teach you what to expect, outline the coming steps, and coach you in how to approach it all. Your lawyer will help you make decisions and can explain all of your options throughout the process. He or she will also educate you on laws and other rules that apply to your case to help you get the best outcome.

3. You need emotional support.

You are going through an emotionally difficult time, and an experienced lawyer will understand the heavy toil of the criminal investigation process. Your lawyer can listen to your concerns and teach you how to cope with the negative emotions you may be feeling, such as anxiety and fear.

4. You need a defense strategy.

Based on the collected evidence, reports, accounts, and charges, your attorney will recommend a strategy to defend you against the charges. The lawyer can decide what is best for your case, including a negotiation of reduced charges,a plea bargain, getting the case dismissed, or fighting the charges in court. They will discuss the pros and cons of various options with you, recommend the best course of action, and carry out the chosen strategy.

5. You need a professional to investigate your case and represent you.

A criminal defense lawyer will compile facts about your case. They will interview witnesses, hire private investigators, and identify proficient witnesses. Your lawyer will make sure all the evidence is considered in court and will identify any inconsistencies. When the time comes, they will represent you in court.

If you have been accused of a crime or are under investigation, the best time to call a criminal defense lawyer in Austin is now! Contact Harron Law today and we’ll work to help you out right away.