Austin, TX Child Abuse Attorney

Child Abuse Charges in Texas

Texas law spells out dozens of different ways that child abuse can be committed. If you have been accused of child abuse in Texas, the results or consequences can be devastating. As a criminal defense lawyer, I can help you build a defense against whichever charge you may be facing. Because of the large number of crimes encompassed in the child abuse laws in Texas, it can be intimidating and confusing trying to navigate the justice system alone. Don’t try to take on a set of laws that have been put in place to aggressively stamp out hope for a person accused of child abuse without help from an attorney.

Accusations of Molestation and Child Pornography

In Texas, simply possessing child pornography is a crime. If you have six or more photos you can be convicted of intent to distribute child pornography. The many different crimes defined as molestation and child pornography under Texas law makes being accused of these crimes more than just a simple offense. Charges of child molestation or child pornography bring with them life-changing penalties if convicted. You need me, an Austin defense attorney who has experience in the court defending clients facing child abuse charges. Without the help of a competent criminal defense lawyer, your future could very well be condemned. Penalties include and range from   two years in jail to $10,000 in fines and 99 years prison.

Defending Against Child Abuse Charges

There are several different defenses allowable in court against child abuse. If you have been charged with child abuse, call immediately. I have the experience you will need to fight your unique case. Too often the community condemns an accused individual much too early on in the legal proceedings, and a once sterling reputation can become tarnished and ruined. If not put in check immediately, the likelihood of your reputation recovering is very low. My aggressive approach to fighting your case in court will make the difference in your future after a child abuse accusation. Call 512-963-8855 today to learn how I can help you in your individual case against child abuse charges.