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Eric Harron the Lawyer

As a member of the State Bar of Texas and Austin Criminal Defense Lawyer’s association, criminal defense attorney Eric Harron is committed to criminal defense and personal injury cases. He is committed to giving his clients what they deserve as they face what can be a complicated and confusing process of defending their rights in the court of law. Trust Eric Harron to handle your case as a lawyer who is not only committed to his knowledge and application of the law but also to his clients and their individual rights.

Serving the Greater Austin, TX Area

The Law Office of Eric Harron provides professional and aggressive law council to over 20 cities in the greater Austin, TX area, with offices located in Austin and Georgetown. Eric Harron is devoted to giving you the legal service you need and deserve.

Being well versed in criminal and personal injury, The Law Office of Eric Harron has years of experience handling a wide range of criminal law cases, including the following:

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A Free Consultation with Eric Harron

The first step you need to take in any legal situation is to gather all the resources you need to defend your case and maintain your rights. The Law Office of Eric Harron is committed to assisting you from the beginning to the end of that often complicated process. Fill out the form or call today to speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer and schedule your free consultation.

Eric Harron criminal defense, DWI, and personal injury lawyer with his team

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