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If you or a loved one has been charged with a crime, you may have discovered that nothing is straightforward in the legal system. From technical jargon to court dates, you may feel overwhelmed by what has to get done. Get professional help from a legal team you can trust. Eric Harron is an experienced criminal defense attorney in Bell County, Texas that you can rely on to solve your or your loved one’s legal problems.

Experienced and Knowledgeable Criminal Defense Attorney in Bell County, Texas

Eric Harron has worked on many criminal defense cases so he knows the procedures and processes back to front. Getting convicted of a criminal charge can have severe consequences and can make a huge impact on your life no matter the charge. Having experience and knowledge by your side not only gives you a chance to get the best possible outcome for your case but also ensures that your rights are being defended the way they should be.

The Law Office of Eric Harron is well-versed in criminal defense and has years of experience handling criminal law cases including:

Eric Harron will fight for you to try to, reduce your charge, or have it dismissed outright. Eric has a great “not guilty” track record winning many types of criminal defense cases. He will work tirelessly to get the work done and make every effort to get you an excellent result.

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A Free Consultation with Eric Harron

Do not delay. Some portions of your case may be waived if not dealt with quickly. If you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable criminal defense attorney in Bell County, Texas, call Eric Harron today to discuss your individual case. Or, schedule your free consultation now. Don’t let one mistake change your life forever. Get help from Eric Harron’s law office and let him fight for your freedom.

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