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You’ve been caught driving while intoxicated (DWI) which is a very serious crime in Texas. If this is your first DWI, it may appear that nothing is straightforward. From breath or blood samples being used against you to your administrative driver’s license revocation, DWI cases can sometimes get complicated. You don’t want to tackle the problem yourself. You will need professional help from somebody that you can trust and that has the experience and knowledge to pull you out of the black hole you’re in. Eric Harron is an experienced and insightful attorney in Bell County that you can rely on to solve you or your loved one’s legal problems.

Experience and Knowledge

Eric Harron has worked on many DWI cases so he knows the procedures and processes back to front. The punishments and penalties for being convicted for DWI can be extremely severe and can make a huge impact on your life. Having experience and knowledge by your side not only gives you a chance to get the best possible outcome for your case, but also ensures that your rights are being defended the way they should be.

With DWI being such a serious offense, you need an aggressive lawyer. Eric Harron will fight for you to try to keep your license and to try to reduce your charge or have it dismissed outright. He can also provide an aggressive defense for any other offenses that you or a loved one may have been charged with. Eric has a great “not guilty” track record winning other types of criminal defense cases. He will work tirelessly to get the work done and make every effort to get you an excellent result.

Get in Touch with the Law Office of Eric Harron

If you’ve decided to seek help from a lawyer, don’t delay. With a DWI charge some portions of your case, such as your license suspension, could be waived if not dealt with quickly. If you’re looking for an experienced and knowledgeable DWI attorney in Temple or Bell County, call your experienced criminal defense attorney Eric Harron today to discuss your individual case. Or, schedule your free consultation now. Don’t let one mistake mark your life forever. Get help from Eric Harron’s law office and let him deal with your legal problems.

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