Criminal Defense Attorney in Williamson County, Texas

In Williamson County, you have the right to legal representation in any court of law. Facing legal prosecution with an aggressive attorney will help you confront your charges and defend your legal rights.

Williamson County criminal defense attorney Eric Harron aggressively defends his clients and provides them the legal assistance and representation they need. He practices in all county and district courts.

Work With a Committed Criminal Defense Lawyer

Williamson County criminal defense lawyer, Eric Harron, has years of experience handling criminal law cases, Texas including, but not limited to:

Eric Harron represents clients in Williamson County and has been successful as an aggressive criminal defense attorney. He has a proven history of notable case results, and a strong desire to defend people in your area and situation. If you are searching for a reputable criminal defense attorney in Williamson County in Texas, look no further than attorney Eric Harron. He has the experience and commitment to defend your case properly.

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