Fake I.D. Defense Attorney in Austin, Georgetown, and Temple, TX

Using a fake I.D. to get into a nightclub may seem like an innocent crime at first thought but it could prove to be a very bad decision. Even though there have been recent surveys done on college campuses that show 32% of underage college students own a fake I.D., it isn’t a smart idea to obtain your own. Simply possessing one is enough for a policeman to arrest you. If you use one illegally to obtain alcohol, penalties are much more severe. Similarly, if you make your own fake I.D., prison time and fines are both possible consequences to a conviction. Being accused of using a fake I.D. can bring with it unfavorable consequences to you, your family, and your friends. As your Austin fake I.D. lawyer, I’ll help defend your rights and give you hope for a dismissal of your case or lessened penalties.

Penalties for Being Convicted of Using a Fake I.D.

If convicted, you could face up to 6 months in jail. The penalties for being convicted of using a fake I.D. far outweigh the possible advantages. One night of drinking freedom can never be worth up to 6 months of imprisonment. Making or manufacturing forged government documents is a felony and can, with a conviction, send you to prison for 10 to 20 years.  If you have been charged with using a fake I.D. or manufacturing forged government documents, I can help you with a defense for your case. Taking an aggressive stance to fend off a conviction will help your future.

Defending Accusations of Using a Fake I.D.

When planning a strategy of defense for an accusation of using a fake I.D., I’ll take into account all the relevant information: where the fake I.D. was made, who made it, for what purpose it was made, and the circumstance surrounding the arrest. Most often a good defense comes down to only a few plausible strategies. Some of these include:

•          You unknowingly used the I.D.

•          You did not have the intent to commit fraud with the fake I.D.

•          The I.D. was in fact not in your possession

As your lawyer, I’ll help you use the best defense that fits your case. My experience defending clients in the courtroom has helped them get their charges dismissed or lessened, and has given them a better outcome for their future.