Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer in Texas

When you have been accused of a federal crime, the consequences are often more severe and life-altering than at the state court level. Involvement in a federal case can negatively affect your reputation, personal life, professional aspirations, and relationships with friends and family. You might face extensive fines and even time in a federal prison.

Federal prosecutors pursue cases ruthlessly, so you’ll need a federal criminal defense lawyer in Texas who can go up against these individuals and guide you through the judicial process. With an experienced lawyer, you’ll have a better chance of resolving your case quickly and lessening or avoiding jail time and fines. At The Law Office of Eric Harron, we can become your trusted attorney and provide the support you need.

This guide will cover the importance of an experienced lawyer by your side and answer some frequently asked questions.

What’s the Difference Between Federal Crimes and State Crimes?

Prosecution for a state crime is severe, but federal crimes take priority over state law issues. In a state crime, someone has broken a state law, which is more common. Federal crimes involve laws that apply to the entire country or acts committed across state boundaries.

Federal crimes are generally more serious, and only the US government can initiate a criminal case in partnership with law enforcement agencies. They are responsible for providing proof of a crime. In a federal case, the prosecuting attorney represents the United States and presents information to a grand jury to determine whether a trial is needed.

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When Should You Hire a Federal Criminal Defense Attorney in Texas?

Finding an experienced federal criminal defense lawyer is essential in increasing the odds of reduced charges and sentencing. Federal cases are often far more complicated and serious than state charges. Having a lawyer on your side who has walked the path before will reduce confusion and improve your chances of a successful outcome.

If you have been accused of a federal crime, you should seek the services of The Law Office of Eric Harron as soon as possible. We can review your case and put together evidence to support you.

How The Law Office of Eric Harron Can Help You

Eric Harron is committed to his clients, bringing more than 15 years of experience to every case. He knows what it takes to win a federal court case and will fight relentlessly to ensure his clients receive fair treatment and a fair outcome. When you need a federal criminal defense attorney in Austin, Texas, you can trust the Law Office of Eric Harron

What Our Clients Have to Say

Past clients have had experiences that have made them trust the Law Office of Eric Harron.

“Amazing attorney! I called many attorneys and from the moment I spoke with Eric Harron he made me feel at ease and helped me through the entire process. I am so pleased with the final results of my case and couldn’t be more grateful. I definitely recommend Eric Harron as your legal counsel. I am so happy he could get my case settled with amazing results! I feel very blessed. Thank you Eric Harron!”

“I am very grateful for all the assistance/help from Mr. Harron. As a lawyer, he is very professional and personal. I felt very comfortable with Mr. Harron and he and I communicated very well to understand my expectations. He explained the process/procedure to me where I could understand it. I appreciated his advice when I needed it. I would recommend Mr. Harron to family and friends if asked.”

“Top notch service and always made me feel as though he had my best interest at heart. Eric got me a better deal than I could of ever hoped for too. Thank you very much sir.”

FAQs Regarding Federal Cases

If you have questions about federal cases, we may have answers below.

All federal felonies are classified into five categories, referred to as A, B, C, D, and E. A is the most serious, and the sentence for each category decreases in severity.

For example, a Category A felony could result in life in prison and fines up to $250,000, while a Category E felony may result in a prison sentence of less than five years and a maximum fine of $5,000.

You may find out about a federal investigation through contact with law enforcement officials on the phone or in person. Government agencies also communicate via letters and other official documentation. If the charges you face relate to federal laws or crimes committed across state lines, they will most likely be brought forth in federal court.

When you receive a target letter, which is a formal letter from the federal government stating that you are the target of a criminal prosecution, your first step should be to seek our representation. Any response to a letter will be on the record, so it’s crucial to have a lawyer help you craft a strategic response.

No. FBI agents are skilled in obtaining information, and their job is to find out more about you. Never speak to anyone from the FBI or any other federal agency without your lawyer present to advise you and outline your rights.

If possible, seek a federal criminal defense lawyer before you are arrested. Taking this step early in the process will help you navigate the legal process and any potential criminal proceedings while protecting you wherever possible.

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