Identity Theft & Fraud Attorney in Austin, TX

Identity fraud occurs when someone uses another’s personal information without permission. This information includes identifying information such as:

  • Name
  • Birth date
  • Address
  • Social Security Number
  • Bank account numbers
  • PIN numbers for credit or debit cards
  • Other personal financial information

This information can be used to act in the victim’s name and do things like open a bank account under their name, make purchases, and sign up for services such as cable or Internet.

In the state of Texas, identity theft is considered a serious issue with a variety of penalties depending on the severity of the situation.  It’s considered a felony if convicted, and penalties can include fines of up to $50,000 per violation and 2-10 years in prison. As an identity fraud lawyer in Austin, I can fight to get your potential charges lessened or dismissed


Under Texas law, embezzlement is employee theft. This includes not only monetary but also physical goods. There are a number of things that fall under the embezzlement umbrella including outright theft of cash, the transfer of funds from your employer to your own account, fixing financial ledgers to hide income or theft of goods or services.

The penalties for embezzlement depend on the amount of cash or the value of goods that were stolen. For money or goods valued under $1,500, you could face a misdemeanor charge and up to one year in prison. The charges and prison time increases as the value amount goes up.  Once the value surpasses $200,000, you’re facing at a first degree felony and anywhere from 5 to 99 years in prison.

Being found guilty of embezzlement can affect your future ability to gain employment and your freedom. This is a serious offense with serious repercussions. If you are accused of embezzlement, you need an aggressive identity theft defense attorney on your side, who can wade through some complicated financial evidence to put together your best possible defense. If you’re facing an embezzlement charge, contact me today.

Money Laundering

Money laundering involves being involved in any way in ‘a transaction involving the proceeds of a criminal activity.’ Even if you don’t spend the funds yourself, simply receiving, passing them off or holding them for any period of time is considered part of the crime and is therefore illegal. Under Texas law, even if you don’t know about the criminal activity that took place prior to receiving the funds, you will still be charged.

Similar to embezzlement, if found guilty of money laundering, your penalties can include a from a state jail felony and six months  in prison to even a first degree felony and life in prison. There are several defenses that Texas criminal defense attorneys can use in such cases including lack of knowledge about the proceedings of the crime and that the defendant acted with the intention of turning over the money to the police.  If you’ve been charged with any of the above related to fraud, contact me as a Texas identity fraud defense attorney to handle your case.