Internet Crimes Attorney in Austin, TX

What Are Internet Crimes

Common internet crimes include possession of child pornography and online impersonation. As law enforcement agencies are becoming more technically advanced prosecution of theses crimes is becoming more commonplace.

My Background Relating to Internet Crimes

I studied the Managment of Information Systems and Computer Science at Texas Tech University. Before Law School I worked a software devloper. I throughoughly understand issues that can arrise in a technolovy case.

I’ve Been Charged With An Internet Crime. What Should I Do?

The short answer is you need exercise your right to remain silent and hire a competent attorney. Texas police agencies and the Attorney General take internet crimes extremely seriously. If you are being investigated understand that the police are trying to build a case against you. Simple statements such as, “Yes officer that’s my computer and no one else has access to it” can make a case much harder to defend. While there are always technical defenses I can employ, you don’t give away any arrows in your defense quiver. I encourage you to contact me as soon as you believe you are being investigated for an internet crime. I do not judge people and I’m here for you. Let me employ my technical experience in the defense of your internet crime.