Kidnapping Attorney in Austin, TX

Kidnapping is the taking away of an individual against their will and holding them in some form of false imprisonment for certain purposes. The purposes may include ransom or hope to gain a reward, causing injury or bodily harm, and enabling the commission of a crime. 

Unlawful Restraint

Unlawful restraint is intentionally or knowingly restraining another person. This offense is typically a Class A misdemeanor unless that person is a child, a police officer or you expose that person to a substantial risk of harm in which case it is a felony.

Smuggling of Persons

The smuggling of persons is when a person uses a motor vehicle or other mode of transportation to transport an individual with the intent to conceal them. This could also pertain to the fleeing of an individual from an officer or special investigator who is attempting to lawfully arrest or detain someone. 

There are numerous defenses that can be employed in a kidnapping, unlawful restraint, and smuggling of persons case. Call us today if you are facing unlawful restraint charges.