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Attorney for Personal Injury in Austin, TX

Have you or a loved one been injured? Have you suffered lost wages or extensive financial loss due to medical bills or other factors as a result of that injury? If so, you may be eligible to file a personal injury suit to compensate for that injury and loss. Eric Harron is an experienced personal injury attorney in Austin, TX with a successful history representing clients in personal injury cases. He is passionate about every case he takes, and he works tirelessly to make sure his clients get the compensation they deserve.

What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

In legal terms, a personal injury claim is also known as a tort claim. A tort is defined as a civil wrong that caused someone else to suffer harm or loss unfairly, which means that the person who committed the wrong is liable for the damages they caused. Most often, these civil wrongs weren’t committed intentionally. Rather, they are frequently the result of negligence of another party.

The damages in a personal injury case caused by negligence or misconduct can be defined as pain and suffering, emotional distress, property damages, lost earnings, medical expenses, and loss of consortium. While some of the most common personal injury cases involve car accidents, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and bicycles, there are a variety of other personal injury cases that might affect you or a loved one.

What Happens When I File the Lawsuit?

Once you and your qualified attorney like Eric Harron have determined that you have a valid personal injury claim, you will move forward with filing the lawsuit to seek compensation for the damages and injuries caused by the other party. The legal representation from each party then starts gathering facts through a process called discovery. During this time, lawyers will exchange documents, ask questions, or hold depositions, where questions are asked in person under oath. After the discovery process, most cases reach a settlement in terms of a monetary payout before ever going to trial.

What Type of Compensation Could I Get?

Every personal injury claim is different, and every victim suffered different injuries and damages. The goal of every personal injury lawsuit is to recoup the monetary value of the damages that you incurred as the victim. As you work with attorney Eric Harron on your case, he will closely evaluate the compensation you are entitled to that includes expenses such as medical bills, lost wages, and even future lost wages due to injuries. He will also consider any type of compensation that is necessary for physical pain and suffering, disfigurement, or disability that resulted from the injury. While no exact amount of compensation is guaranteed for any personal injury lawsuit, Eric Harron will work tirelessly to ensure that you as his client receive every penny of the amount you deserve.

Types of Personal Injury Claims

There is a wide range of different types of personal injury claims that individuals or their loved ones may have been involved with. Eric Harron has worked on a large number of these cases, helping clients win compensation they deserve after falling victim to accidents and injuries. The following are areas of personal injury law that Eric Harron can help you with:

Pedestrian Accidents – In the case of an accident involving an individual and an automobile, injuries are almost always inevitable. Pedestrians are vulnerable and unprotected, which means they often experience broken bones, brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or even amputations as a pedestrian accident victim. This not only means the victim experiences a lot of pain and suffering, but also extensive medical expenses as well. Eric Harron prides himself on trying to help pedestrian accident victims handle the heavy burden of those expenses and suffering by fighting to get a settlement for the driver’s negligence.

Car Accidents – Each year in Texas alone, there is about one car crash that happens every 1.5 second. Not every car accident results in a fatality, however, many result in even minor injuries that can have long-lasting adverse health effects. Whether you were a victim of a car accident due to distracted driving or simply unfortunate circumstances, you still deserve to be compensated for the pain, suffering, and any medical bills and lost wages you may have incurred. An experienced Austin personal injury attorney, Eric Harron can try to win that settlement.

Trucking AccidentsTruck drivers on Texas roads face long shift hours, tight deadlines, and heavy loads. Unfortunately, this means that truck accidents as a result of drowsy, negligent, or aggressive driving cause more than 15,000 accidents in Texas alone each year. The size and the weight of these vehicles compared to the average passenger car means that other drivers are usually at the mercy of these 18-wheelers in any type of accident, and many times they result in serious injuries. Eric Harron has years of experience helping trucking accident victims get the compensation they deserve for their injuries and damages.

Drunk Driving Accidents – Texas leads the nation in drunk driving statistics, with more than 25,000 crashes and nearly 1,500 fatalities each year attributed to those driving under the influence. Any injury or death caused by drunk driving is too many, and if you or a loved one has been a victim of an accident due to drunk driving, Austin attorney Eric Harron will fight to get you the settlement you deserve.

Dog Bites – While in most states dog owners with an animal who have inflicted injuries on another are held liable for those injuries, Texas is known as a “one bite rule” state, which means the owner may not be held liable for injuries if it was the animal’s first offense. This can often leave victims not only traumatized, but out thousands of dollars in medical bills for the injuries incurred.  Eric Harron will try to help dog bite victims get a settlement even with tough state laws. 

Assault Assault is defined in legal terms as “an intentional act by a person that creates apprehension in another of an imminent harmful or offensive contact.” If you or a loved one have been threatened or injured intentionally by another person, you may have a case against them for assault.

Product Defect

You may have a product liability case if you have been injured in any way by properly using a product that was either manufactured or designed with a defect. Product defect cases can even be a result of the manufacturer, distributor, supplier, or retailer failing to warn consumers about the potential dangers of a product. If you believe that you have suffered damages due to a defective consumer product, Eric Harron can evaluate your case and determine if you are entitled to compensation and if so to what extent.

Wrongful Death

Wrongful death is a result of negligence or wrongful conduct of another person or persons, and is completely different than a criminal charge. If your loved one has been wrongfully killed out of misconduct and/or negligence, Eric Harron can help you with your case. While we know that no amount of compensation can ever bring your loved one back to you, we do know that compensation in the form of a settlement can help soften the financial hardships that face the families of those who are killed in wrongful death accidents.

If your loved one was a victim of wrongful death in a:

Eric Harron can evaluate your case and determine if you are entitled to compensation and if so to what extent.

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