Criminal Defense Attorney in Austin, Georgetown, and Temple, TX

Just Because You’re Charged, Doesn’t Mean You’re Guilty

Today America leads the world in prison population both in terms of actual number of inmates as well as a percentage of its citizens. As an Attorney in Austin, I believe that in many instances the police go too far in investigating and arresting the citizens of this country. If you are accused of a crime, you should not feel ashamed. You are among many. However, you should take this accusation seriously as it could result in prison time, years of probation, thousands of dollars in fines, blemishes on your record and the loss of your job. But, it doesn’t have to. I’m a proud defender of those accused of crimes and I am hear to help.

Career Dedicated To Defending Those Accused of Crimes

You may see attorneys who claim that have experience as a prosecutor. Well, I have never been a prosecutor. I am proud of that fact. I have dedicated my career to defending those accused of crimes in the Austin area. I take great pride in getting cases dismissed and winning trials. Further, I don’t treat cases like a prosecutor. I approach them as a defense lawyer and search for any possible cracks in the state’s case.

Your Case May Have Facts That Can Be Used in Your Favor

When you hire me you get personal service. I will be handling your case—not a junior attorney. I’ve found that in every case, if you look hard enough, you may find facts in your client’s favor. The trick is locating those facts and using them to tear down the state’s case. Let me investigate your case and find errors the police may have made.

Payment Plans Are Always Available

I get to know all my clients personally. I understand that money can be tight. Just because money is tight, doesn’t mean you should go without good representation. I can tailor a payment arrangement to meet your needs and all major credit cards are accepted.

Free Consultation (With Three Offices in Texas To Serve You)

I have offices in Austin, Williamson County, and Bell County for your convenience. I invite you to schedule a free consultation by calling 512-963-8855. There will be no cost or obligation to you for that meeting. I get to know all my clients personally.