Dog Bite Lawyer in Austin

Dog bites tend to be a more difficult battle with insurance companies than other claims, most often because the insurance companies tend to deny victims of dog bites who do not have an experienced personal injury attorney on their side. While many assume that the owner of the dog is automatically responsible for the animal’s actions, Texas law requires proof that the owner knew, or should have known, of the vicious nature of the dog prior to the bite. This law is notoriously known as the “one free bite” rule, which means that the owner is free of liability if it can be established that this was the first time the dog has shown any violent or vicious behavior.

While it might be difficult to prove that the animal has ever bitten anyone before, there are some instances where the local animal control officer can have records of prior attacks. Usually the best bet is to interview any neighbors and the mailman to see what their experiences with the animal have been like. The victim’s burden of proof is difficult in dog bite cases, so it’s best to consult a dog bite lawyer early on in the claim process.

Injuries and Suffering

Injuries inflicted by medium and large dogs can be quite catastrophic, especially when they involve children—often leaving permanent scars on their faces. Adults tend to have more personal injuries involving their extremities, sometimes losing significant amounts of muscle mass as a result of major leg or arm bites. However, one thing most dog bite victims have in common is mental anguish that the victim suffers as a result of being attacked. After suffering disfigurement, scarring, and episodes of post traumatic stress, your only concern should be healing from your ordeal. Let the attorneys at the Law Office of Eric Harron take care of getting you the compensation you deserve to aid your recovery.

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Since dog bites cases are often unique and complex, an experienced personal injury lawyer is imperative to get the compensation you deserve for both liability and damage issues. Call the attorneys at the Law Office of Eric Harron to discuss your case. We will pursue every lead to give our clients the justice they deserve.